Three Corporate Holiday Card Mistakes to Avoid

Three Corporate Holiday Card Mistakes to Avoid

Business Christmas cards present the perfect way to send your season’s greetings to employees and clients. Some corporate holiday cards include heartfelt wishes for the New Year. Other corporate holiday cards offer elegant tidings of peace. And still more corporate holiday cards feature witty cartoons comparing the management team to Santa’s elves. But, no matter which card you choose, it is vital to remember that your corporate holiday cards should absolutely, positively and under no circumstances ever be inappropriate, forgettable and (perhaps worst of all) downright ugly.Your company holiday cards should never contain offensive or inappropriate material. This is particularly tricky with photo corporate holiday cards. If, for instance, you want to take a snapshot for your company photo holiday card and your Senior Marketing Manager strolls in with his hair dyed neon green to support his favorite soccer team, you must reschedule lest other soccer fans feel offended when the company holiday cards are sent out.

Similarly, it could be considered insensitive if you choose a candid photo of your Creative Director snoozing at his desk for your business holiday card. Other unfortunate choices for corporate photo holiday cards include: using models in lieu of actual employees, featuring your cat as the unofficial, unsanctioned company spokespet and using an outdated photo and simply placing your company logo over the faces of former employees who have since left the company.With so many pitfalls of offensive and insensitive material out there, many office managers turn to boring corporate holiday cards to ensure that they sidestep any inappropriate content. This leads us to our second company holiday card mistake-forgettable cards. Every single person on your mailing list has already either seen or sent that exact same shiny red corporate holiday card with the white cursive lettering that seems to make the cover of the same, dull company holiday card catalog that lands on your desk every year. This year, make a statement by branching out with beautiful, customizable corporate holiday cards from Tiny Prints instead.And, lastly, try to choose an aesthetically pleasing corporate holiday card. Gaudy displays of overabundant poinsettias, frightening lineups of angry nutcracker dolls and horrifying images of pets forced into Santa suits all tend to engender an angry reaction in corporate holiday card recipients that isn’t ideal for the cheery holiday season.

Avoid these common mistakes in your holiday card shopping, and you’ll find that it doesn’t have to be a stressful chore. Just remember that the same laws that govern Santa’s list apply to stationery as well-simple and stylish business holiday cards are always considered nice, while anything rude, boring or ugly will eternally land on that dreaded naughty list.

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