Retailers Are Hijacking Thanksgiving Holiday

Retailers Are Hijacking Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving is a long standing National holiday when families and friends sit at the table to enjoy not only the traditional turkey meal but more importantly enjoy the company of one another and together give thanks for all their blessings. For this reason millions of people travel hundreds of miles to celebrate with families and friends this age long tradition. Unfortunately in the recent time as seen this year, retailers are gradually hijacking this sacred thanksgiving holiday to maximize their profits as they lure customers to shop on this day.This year many retailers opened their stores as early as 8:00 PM, Thursday night while others opened at 12:00 midnight. The few retailers that respected the Thanksgiving holiday opened their doors at the wee hours of the black Friday as early as 5:00 AM. Friday after Thanksgiving popularly known as black Friday, is the beginning of the holiday shopping season, when shoppers take advantage of the deep discounts offered by many retailers. As the trend of early shopping season continues it is worthwhile to pause for a moment and examine its implicationsi. Why do retailers choose to begin the holiday shopping as early as Thanksgiving night or even earlier?ii. Do shoppers really spend more if they begin holiday shopping earlier even at the expense of the once in a year family dinner?iii. Who profits or gains more from the early shopping, retailers or shoppers?iv. If this trend continues what will be the fate of this age long thanksgiving holiday especially for the employees of the retail stores?Let us consider these points one at a timeWhy Do Retailers Choose to Begin Holiday Shopping As Early As Thanksgiving Night?

I can’t say with certitude why retailers choose to begin the shopping season earlier than usual. According to AP News “many retailers choose to begin early shopping to make shopping more convenient for many Americans who are facing economic uncertainty due to unemployment and uncertainly of the “fiscal cliff”. This reason for early shopping does not hold any water because according to the same News source, retailers tested this early shopping last year, and this year decided to start much earlier on Thanksgiving night. So the reason for retailers to open their doors at thanksgiving night is not what they claim it is.Do Shoppers Really Spend More If they Begin Holiday Shopping Earlier Even at the Expense the Once in a Year Family Dinner? I don’t know if people spend more or save more than they normally would if they start shopping earlier than the normal time. The most sensible thing for any shopper is to first decide on what to shop and then make a budget of how much s/he would spend on each item. So if one has a budget it shouldn’t matter when the shopper begins to shop as s/he has already budgeted to send on each item. If shoppers have budget for their shopping why do they succumb to retailers who entice them to the stores with offer for great discounts if even at the expense of the once in a year family dinner. Or do shoppers go shopping just for the thrill of it or because the items are on sale, without making any budget of what they want to buy? If this is the case, then the society has a very big problem that needs to be addressed.Who Profits or Gains More from the Early Shopping, Retailers or Shoppers?Retailers say the early shopping is to make it convenient for shoppers to shop, and for shoppers the reason why they have to abandon their thanksgiving dinner to camp outside the doors of retail stores of their choice waiting for the doors to open is to take advantage of the deep cut the retailers are offering. If the goal of early shopping is customer oriented why deny them the pleasure of enjoying their once in a year family dinner and entice them to the stores with the promise of great discounts on “limited items”? The holiday shopping season is a period that lasts between four to six weeks, why can’t these deals be available all through the holiday season, to give customers the luxury of shopping at their convenience without haven to abandon their Thanksgiving dinner or camp outside the store in the cold waiting for the doors to open. When the doors are finally opened they stampede on one another or even use pepper spray or teasers on other customers so as to be the first to get at the deals they want. Another question one would ask is; why do shoppers choose to go through this ordeal for the big deals when they can get the same products at comparable prices on-line even with free shipping on-line retailers offer during the holiday. These are some troubling questions the people need to examine.If Retailers Continue To Open On Thanksgiving Night, what will be the Fate of the Long Thanksgiving Holiday Tradition Especially for Employees of the Retail Stores?

Retailers tested early shopping last year and found it profitable and as an adventure worth giving another chance. According to AP News retailers opened their doors three hours earlier than they did last year, the question then is how much earlier will they open next year and the subsequent years? If the trend continues then Thanksgiving day might be the beginning of holiday shopping season. We will then have black Thursday and the celebration of Thanksgiving will be relegated to the background as shoppers will head to the stores to grab the “deals on limited items” rather than prepare the Thanksgiving meal. It is important that we as a society take note of how trends develop, and if we are not careful new trends will overshadow age long established traditions ever be before we know it.All through this discussion we focused mainly on the retailers and the shoppers, no thought has been given to the retail employees. Do these employees enjoy working on Thanksgiving night when they should be with their families? I may not be able to speak for them but from the report of AP news many of these retail employees would rather stay with their families than be in the store. Employees of some of these retailers such as Wal-mart have expressed their dissatisfactions with the employers with regard to the number of hours they work during the week and other benefits. The question one would ask is; how much do these retailers value or care for the interest of their employees and the sacred holiday of Thanksgiving?

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