Twenty Travel and Holiday Tips

Twenty Travel and Holiday Tips

In my line of work, I pick up some great tips about holidays and travelling. Here are some of the tips that I think are most important if you want to make the most of your holiday and avoid both total disasters and minor mishaps.
Tell your bank before you go or your card might not work abroad.
Make sure your mobile is set up for use abroad; you can’t set it up once you’re there.
If hiring a car, you will need to take both your photo driving licence and your counterpart license.
If travelling alone, youth hostels are not only cheap places to stay but great places to meet like-minded people.
Make sure your passport is in date before booking your holiday.

If staying in one place for the duration of your holiday, research and choose your accommodation carefully, it will make or break your stay.
Renting privately owned holiday apartments can be a cheap way to find great self-catering accommodation.
If you are unsure about the water quality of your holiday destination, never have ice in drinks because ice cubes are made with tap water.
Put all lotions and potions (shampoo, sun cream, etc.) in a plastic bag in your luggage in case they burst during the flight
Research your destination to make the most of your time away. It’s annoying to hear about an amazing attraction on the way home
Learn the language – well, a few words anyway. This will help you more than you think when you’re away from home
Don’t forget your chargers – phone, laptop, tablet.
Don’t forget your travel plug
Always pack something to cover up with. Some religious landmarks won’t let you in if you’re not covered up so don’t miss out!
Eat where the locals eat. Head away from tourist hotspots for cheaper restaurants with better food.
If you have friends living in exciting locations, visit them! The best guide you will have is a local!

Consider travelling around rather than staying put on holiday. It’s great fun to travel in a campervan or on a motorbike.
Consider organised trips abroad to do charity work. You will do some good and experience the reality of the location.
When travelling to countries that could potentially be politically turbulent, always check advice on the foreign office website before you book and again immediately before you travel.
Make a note of the phone number for your holiday insurance and keep it somewhere safe in case you need it, along with any other emergency contact numbers.

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