Who doesn’t need ETA?


What Is Eta Canada visa online ?

The federal government of Canada went a step further to secure its borders and introduced the ETA travel document.

Electronic Travel Authorization, also known as an ETA is a type of travel document that every visa-exempted foreigner must enter Canada. If they are arriving to stay or Canada is a transit point, this relatively new requirement is a must.
The visa-exempted foreigners are the ones that come from countries where a person might travel to and enter Canada without a visa. The best thing about the Eta visa to Canada is it only applies to individuals who are traveling by air. Journeying by land or sea exempts you from the necessity of the travel document.

Who does not need ETA?

Other than those who find themselves traveling by land or sea, there’s also categories of individuals that do not need this record. These categories include those with Canadian visa, are Canadian citizens, and those with Canadian long lasting residence.

Trying to get ETA

In this digital world, there is nothing troublesome about applying for it. You are able to make an application for your ETA online. You might complete the application process in a few minutes. To apply, you need to meet specific requirements. You need a passport that is valid, a credit or debit card that is valid, and a functional email address.

To process the application, you are charged 39 EUR. Once your application and payment go through, you can expect to have the authorization to go to Canada within a few hours.
Your ETA document has a lifespan of five years.
Are you a student or a worker?
For those that are trying to get study permits as well as work permits, an ETA is also mandatory. However, the IRCC office will see to it that you will get it. It will be issued to you after the application for work or study permit undergoes.
In instances where you have your permit before the introduction of this travel document, it is a wise thing to use for it. This is for instances where you’ll be soaring out and into Canada.

Dual citizenship

This is an example in which a person is a certified citizen of two countries. You can be a Canadian citizen and a citizen of another country. If this case applies to you, you do not need to use for an ETA visa to Canada. However, you will always need your Canadian passport for your moves by air.

Special Instances

A couple of special cases that are handled differently as it pertains to ETA applications and requirements. If you’re a refugee and you have a Canadian Refugee Travel document, whilst travelling through air, you will not need a visa or an ETA. If you’re a refugee in a different country, you will need your visitor visa to enable you to happen to be Canada.

ETA visa Canada is becoming a necessity. Therefore, arrange for it to be able to enjoy more freedom of motion in and out of Canada. The application is fast and affordable. You are able to enjoy a trip to Canada.